About PRIO

PRIO distributes and commercializes liquid fuels and electric energy for mobility, having a tank terminal, a biodiesel plant and a gas filling unit located in the Port of Aveiro.

It has about 250 fuel stations all across Portugal, accounting for more than 2 million monthly customers and owns the largest private network of EV charging points in Portugal.

PRIO was born 12 years ago as a startup and it’s still that startup feeling that makes PRIO permanently innovative and daring.

PRIO might not have the market lead (yet), but we were took the lead on innovating our sector in Portugal: we were the first to offer rich biodiesel blends to the end-customer, the first to launch an app and the first to bet in electric mobility as a strategic area in the future of mobility. We are not afraid of the future, we want to get there first.


The Jump Start Manifesto

Just 12 years ago, we have walked the walk, and just like you, we started the startup way.

Now, we have a network of over 250 stations and the largest private network of EV charging points scattered all over Portugal, as well as a biodiesel production plant and a tank terminal, both located in the port of Aveiro. So we know that it takes more than just ideas to succeed. It takes more than a business model or a great product. It takes courage and will to grow and adapt in a ever changing market.

Today, we want to go further and push progress to fuel your dreams. Why? Because we want to see you move off the grid and jump start your business. Because we picture a better society and a more efficient and sustainable world. Jump Start exists so that, together, we can continue to fuel progress.


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