Jump Start Manifesto

Every day, PRIO sees people come and go. Some come rushing in and cut to the chase, while others take their time and think things through. For all of those, PRIO is more than just a pit stop. PRIO is in their lives fueling their power. Today, PRIO wants to go further and push progress to fuel your dreams. Why? Because we picture a better society. We imagine a more efficient and sustainable world.

Do you have a solution in one of these areas?

How to integrate PRIO stations in the “cities of the future”?

  • Electrification, autonomous, robotics
  • Products & services of the future
  • In-store retail-tech for smarter shops
  • Smart waste, smart air quality, smart buildings
  • Self-sufficient and sustainable stations
  • New energy sources

How to scale up PRIO‘s commitment to sustainability and green energy?

  • UCOs - Used Cooking Oils
    Raise awareness | Change habits | Collection
  • Energetic efficiency
  • From plastics to fuels
  • Biomass
  • Forest residues
  • Agro-food waste
  • Bioethanol

How to place PRIO in the customer’s heart and at the tip of their fingers?

  • Customer data
  • Gas IoT
  • Distribution & in-home service
  • Digital transformation
  • Gamification of customer experience
  • Reinventing the fleet and truck cards
  • Dynamic pricing mechanisms


How will Jump Start help me?

Adapt and evolve. Learn from our heavy growth and take your product to the next level

Sky is the limit! Work your solution so it can be useful to meet challenging industry needs and different kinds of customers

Take a ride on the tech partnerships within the mobility and energy sectors that will bring you deal flow, mad skills and the fuel to boost your solution

Test to impress. Run pilots with PRIO and get to prove your potential with one of the most innovative companies in the energy and mobility sectors

Open your horizons. Power up your project by enjoying the joint synergies of PRIO and the expertise of imatch on accelerating startups

Eyes on the prize. Not only get the chance to win 10k but earn the possibility of developing your product or service with us, by testing it with real data and in real business environment

Get a chance to win

3 Winners

10k€ for investment in pilot development

Access to an implementation support based on the evaluation of the business plan + Support from PRIO experts + Support from NOVA SBE masters student

The TOP 5 gets the opportunity to pitch on PRIO’s acrobatics plane. The most audacious gets an ALPHA stand at Web Summit or 2.500€ to promote their startup in association with PRIO

Last year's testemonials

"Going to Jump Start was a constant growth source for Infraspeak. (...) during the pilot, where the application of AGILE methodology allowed a "doing-feedback-learn" continued dynamics with excelent results for parties."

"By attending PRIO Jump Start, we had the chance to meet several high level people from PRIO, which allowed us the access to information about real problems of the company (..) it allowed us to develop a commercial partnership with PRIO that is still active (1 year after Jump Start) and a future projected growth."

"We saw a fantastic opportunity working with PRIO Jump Start and was fortunate enough to be given a chance to take part in the Jumpstart programme. During the period we have had engaging support from PRIO Senior Members of Staff in Management and Subject matter experts in field understanding the key problem areas where our solutions can add value."

"Participating in the Jump Start programme, fuelled by PRIO, was a real pleasure. Besides the interesting discussions we had with both PRIO staff and startups, the organisation of the event was very professionally executed."

Who's backing me up?

Since 2006 PRIO distributes and comercializes liquid fuels, having a tank terminal located in Aveiro (for stockage and independent primary logistics) as well as its own biodiesel factory. It's 100% funded by Portuguese capital and it's the only Iberian gas company with 3 certificates for quality, safety and environment. PRIO's network includes over 200 fuel stations across Portugal and any client can check where the nearest one is located by accessing PRIO's mobile application.

imatch is an innovation consulting company that works marketing, entrepreneurship, sales and organizational culture. created because the old solutions didn’t work anymore, they work together with the clients in order to find innovative solutions for their business’ challenges. imatch developed a creative collaboration methodology to involve the teams on the creation process to find new responses, making them accomplices of the solutions to implement, increasing the efficiency and the results.